Friday, 5 May 2017

Dragon Rampant - the Battle of Green Dragon Bridge

So here I am keen to fight a multi-player fantasy battle using Dragon Rampant. Before I get to that, however, I'm hoping to umpire a colonial battle using The Men Who Would Be Kings, by the same author, just to get a bit of a feel for the system. Dragon Rampant is the fantasy variant of TMWWBK, and includes some generic scenarios in the back of the book, but I have been looking around for something a little more...meaty.

The idea here is also to use the existing collection of miniatures of my gaming group, which is gradually expanding the number of available painted miniatures to choose from. While by no means massive, this collection is looking respectable, and there is enough metal and plastic here to put on a decent-sized battle. However, we need something that can be resolved in an evening's play of no more than 3-4 hours maximum, and can take place on a table no bigger than 8' x 6' or smaller. And it can't be too complex, or slow the game down too much. Dragon Rampant seems to fit the bill, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

The Battle

I'm just going to sketch this out briefly. It is largely inspired by the excellent scenario from page 25 of Scenarios For All Ages by Charles Grant and Stuart Asquith (CSG Publications, 1996). The Green Dragon Inn sits on the main north-south highway bisecting the wilderness region known only as the Lonely Hallows. Nearby is a ruined stronghold, built by the ancestors of the inn's owner, Grubble Sticklebottom.

Old Grubble has been running the inn for as long as anyone can remember. Rumour has it the place was once a toll house for the king's revenue men, collecting money for people using the bridge across the nearby river Havoc. Now, with war brewing in the north between rival lords, claimants to the throne, the bridge has become a little more important. Armies loyal to the royal line would need to use it to cross the Havoc and bring up supplies from the south. The Black Baron of Kress, the dastardly mind thought to be assembling a coalition of rebels to seize the throne, has bribed the orc warlord, Gaz the Ghastly, to grab the bridge and hold it against anyone seeking to interfere in the succession crisis.

Having delivered their bribe to Gaz, the Black Baron's agents were on their way homewards, but spent the night at the Green Dragon Inn on the way back. They over-imbibed on Grubble's Ruddy Fox, his latest brew, and inadvertently told the innkeeper of the plot. The next morning, with the agents safely on their way, Grubble made all haste to the manor of the local lord, Cout Larkey of Dunsmashn, a fanatical loyalist to the crown. Dunshmashn has quickly rallied all the troops he has readily to hand, and has set out for the bridge, sending word - and money - to a nearby group of barbarian freebooters to assist him.

Count Larkey of Dunsmashn

  • Count Larkey with small retinue of household knights - reduced model unit, Elite Riders, 6pts
  • 2 units of feudal levy archers - Light Missiles, 8pts
  • A hill giant - Elite Foot, 6pts
  • A unit of rangers - Scouts, 2pts
  • A unit of war dogs -  Lesser Warbeasts, 4pts

Barbarian Mercenaries From Cold Places

  • Brandigan, mercenary captain - single model unit, Elite Rider, 6pts
  •  2 units of Northmen - Bellicose Foot, Mixed Weapons, 12pts
  • 2 units of Northmen outriders - Light Riders, Short Range Missiles, 6pts
  • 2 Werebears - Lesser Warbeasts, 4pts

Gaz the Ghastly, the Bane of Barrockdown

  •  Gaz the Ghastly with armored bodyguard - reduced model unit, Leader, Offensive, Orc Heavy Foot, 6pts
  • 2 units of forest goblins - Light Foot, Mixed Weapons, 10pts
  • 2 units of Orc raiders - Light Foot, Short Range Missiles, 6pts
  • 2 units of Orc warriors - Bellicose Foot, Mixed Weapons, 12pts
Also entering the fray is the Chaos Necromancer, Daskard Kell. Exactly why Daskard has chosen to enter the fight on the side of Gaz is unknown, but it is suspected that he has cut a deal of some kind with the Black Baron, who has sent him south to assist Gaz at Green Dragon Bridge.

Daskard Kell, Chaos Sorceror, the Unlooked For One, or "Hoohee?"
  •  Daskard Kell, Chaos Sorceror - single model unit, Summoner, Leader, Heavy Artillery (lightning bolts), 7pts
  • 1 unit of goblins - Light Foot, Mixed Weapons, 5pts
  • Fell Chaos Demon - Greater Warbeast, 10pts
  • 2 units of Mummies - Lesser Warbeasts, Undead (No Feelings), 8pts
As the various forces converge on the bridge, who will hold it by sundown...?


  1. I'm looking forward to this!

  2. We may need to reconsider choice of rules however! I will seek to test some alternatives...

    1. I'm not ready to give up on the Rampant system quite yet. I don't think yesterday was a fair test of it.

      At some point I'd like to give Age of Signar and Mantic's Kings of War a try.

  3. Could go old school with the AD&D Battlesystem...

  4. I am doing some DR scenario and big battle development for the same reasons (we play DR at club nights frequently). How did your big battle go? What mechanisms did you use for player activation and sequence? cheers, Paul