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Troy Aikus - Covert Labour Organiser in Valusium

Here is my second figure of note for the Kortaq setting (Burning Empires). This is still very much in the development phase, and before PCs are created, some figures of note need to be burned up. These characters are meant to be part of the core cast, just one step back in the limelight stakes from the PCs. Assuming the PCs are in the pro-human faction, these characters may be allies, but they could also be enemies or even hindrances.

Remember that in Burning Empires, unlike, for example, Burning Wheel or Torchbearer, players are more involved in the grand politics and high level events of the campaign. They are not ordinary spacers, they have a political stake and a vested interest in the planet. Ultimately, they should also have links to one or more of the figures of note detailed by the GM.

Troy Aikus


  1. The miners and their families need to be protected from the depredations of the Telfenek Corporation.
  2. I am the saviour of my people - nobody else is worthy of that role, so long as I am around.
  3. The authorities may be co-opted in this struggle, but I will never trust them.

  1. Born to the League (Merchant League)
  2. Student (Merchant League)
  3. Commentariat (Merchant League)
  4. Philosopher (Commune)
  5. Local Official (Commune)
  6. Municipal Official (Commune)
  7. Lawyer (Commune)
Total age: 52


Will 6, Perception 4, Agility 3, Speed 3, Power 3, Forte 3


Capitalist at Heart, Humanist, Agitated, Casuist, Frustrated, Public Servant, City Official, Calculating, Idealist, Glad Hander, Constitutional Activist, Brave, Ideologue


Institutional Drudgery-wise 2, League History 2, Sports-wise 2, Propaganda 4, Composition 3, Journalism 2, Dissent-wise 3, Screed-wise 3, Philosophy 2, Doctrine (Mundas Humanitas) 2, Science 2, Local Politics-wise 3, Neighbourhood-wise 3, Problem-wise 2, Municipal Politics-wise 3, City-wise 3, Administrator 2, Communist Law 3, Imperial Law 2, League Law 2, Oratory 4, Rhetoric 3, Etiquette 2, Bureaucracy 3, Conspicuous 3.

Circles: 7

+1D infamous - Kortaq lawyers; +1D Affiliation - Valusium local government; +2D Affiliation - a small circle of influential reformist political philosophers on Kortaq; +2D Relationship - Lazar, leader of a small gang of criminals in Valusium; +1D Relationship - Major Hakan Tenedos, sympathetic officer in Kortaq Anvil forces; +2D Reputation - .champion of the workers in Valusium

Resources: 7

Technology: Advanced Intruder Countermeasures - 6 tech (-2 RPs), +2D Advantage; HEAT Suit (-3 RPs)

Note - I may tweak this section further - still reading the Technology chapter in Burning Empires...


  1. Always make sure I know where the exits are.
  2. Leave the hard fighting to others.
  3. Talk my way out rather than fight.
Steel: sheltered life (-1), competitive culture (+1), high Will score (+1) = Steel 4.

Notes - Troy Aikus uses very different life paths from Tovol Hesse. He does, however, represent quite an influential and dangerous individual, with extensive contacts at all levels of society in both Valusium and Kortaq more generally. Wises are knowledge-based skills, representing stuff your character knows as opposed to things he can do. Sports-wise means Troy just knows a lot about sports, Propaganda means he can get out there and do something active with it, he doesn't just know about propaganda, he can make it happen.

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