Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Those pesky Herani!

So, what's been happening in Dragon Pass lately...? I've included my notes in italics, usually to explain some of the decision making process behind the events. I'm still feeling my way here, and no longer benefit from the advice of the tutorial program. I occasionally consult the ring, and their advice seems sound, although I'm now worried about the fact that we don't have a trickster on the ring, after Bastakos was kicked off it (possibly for doing his job - see below).

Enfrew, a thane of the Heran clan, complained that Bastakos insulted him, and said there would be a feud if we did not punish our trickster. We removed Bastakos from the ring. Enfrew was pleased by our justice, and the people were happy that Bastakos’s insults would no longer seem to come from the entire clan.

Harvar complained that his wife Ferena dishonored him by interrupting a duel with Iskalli of the Boskovi. The clan ring said that Ferena had Harvar’s best interests at heart. “Tell that to the goose-egg on my head!” Harvar protested. He was told that this was not a matter for the clan ring. The people were happy that the ring was wise enough not to involve itself in a petty dispute. As for Harvar and Iskalli, they have an understanding whereby each avoids the other, and so have not yet come to blows.

The god-talkers said we needed to learn one of Odayla’s blessings.

The pig-herder Offir left his grave every night to demand food from his family. We prepared a huge feast, which the revenant devoured. Then he sat back, belched, and was still. His family gave him a cheerful burial, placing heavy stones on top of his grave in case he got peckish again.

We were raided by the Herani. The Heran clan burned 2 steads. Varsens was wounded while facing the Heran charge. He survived thanks to our auxiliaries. Although we held the field, we weren’t able to take any captives. Astella distinguished herself in the fighting.

We sent Kulbrast with gifts to the Greenwings.

We learned that the Herani had declared a feud against us (No, really? I think it was the burning of the two steadings that might have given it away...)

Our scouts found a strange clan of beast folk who were like ducks. With justice and mercy, we offered peace to the duck people, who henceforth gave our clan a place of honor in their songs.

The harvest was plentiful.

Heran warriors kidnapped Oranda, the daughter of the chief, and took her back to their tula. We decided to make peace with the Heran clan. The Herani refused to end the feud. They would not return Oranda, and the people lamented her loss.

We were unable to conduct a raid against the Herani due to a winter storm. (I think raids during winter are strongly discouraged by the game, in any event. Plus, the Herani are some way away.)

The god-talkers said we needed to learn one of Ernalda’s blessings.

Harsaltar, a Lhankor Mhy god-talker from the Isolting clan, told us there was a secret buried in one of our fields. After much digging, we found a Bowl of Plenty.

We reorganized as a War clan. (This was largely due to the fact that the problem with the Herani does not look like it will go away anytime soon, and I can't bring myself to offer them an olive branch).

We persuaded the Anzarni to let our raiders cross their tula. We raided the Herani and eluded their patrols. Although we held the field, we weren’t able to take any captives. (I have hoped we could swap some important captives for Oranda, but we botched this and came away empty handed).

A couple from another clan offered to sell us the Winking Sapphire. We said that the treasure was obviously stolen, and that they should tell us who they had taken it from, or suffer harm. They admitted that they’d taken it from a bandit, who in turn had taken it from the Blue Jays. We declined their offer. They left, saying that the Antorlings would certainly meet their price.

Varsens began the Storm Tribe heroquest. Varsens was told by Ernalda to make a tribe, so that he could challenge the Emperor. But the Doubting Wheel rolled up and told Varsens not to make a tribe. He said, “I will not be bad like the Emperor, for freedom is my essence.” The Doubting Wheel rolled around Varsens three times, and then said, “It is true. I would have to take away every other part of you before reaching your freedom, which is deep down inside you.” Then it shrank down and became a tiny thing, small enough for Varsens to put in his purse. Varsens found Yinkin, who said he would join the tribe if Varsens could defeat the champions of the Plant Tribe. Varsens fought Sharp Green and let Yinkin fight Rustling Veins. Varsens blunted the many swords of Sharp Green, which gave it power. Yinkin defeated his foe, but said, “Your Storm Tribe will only be half useful. There is only half a chance that I will come to this confederation moot of yours.” Varsens found the Knowing God trapped inside a great cube. He hit the cube. The cube was not broken, but Varsens’s hand was. (Varsens made a bit of a mess of this. It might have something to do with the fact that he is not a Storm worshipper. Not sure what Yinkin was yapping about - what confederation moot?)

Someone killed some of our horses. We made the claim before their clan ring. They denied that they had slain our horses. Orlaront, who argued our case with them, thought they were lying. (The tribe in question is not mentioned here - I think they were the Greenwings. This time I was guided by the ring, who seemed pretty sure it was them).

While plowing the fields, the carls found something strange. It was the enormous skull of some kind of dragon creature. We used it to decorate our clan hall. (This looks like a triceratops skull).

So, in summary, we had our first heroquest, which didn't go as well as hoped. The tribe is drifting more towards a war footing. We built a shrine to Humakt, for example, and we've been investing more in war magic.This has been driven entirely by the actions of the Herani. I'm a little concerned that my popularity with the tribe has been waning, and am not sure how to rectify this other than throwing the odd party.

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