Saturday, 24 May 2014

13th Age - The Paladin's Diary

We pick up our story as the party heads north towards the Grey Towers, mysterious ruined strongholds of elvish provenance perched on the rocky north coast of the continent. They seek a vessel to help them begin the quest for Jordan Young's trease in the isles beyond the eastern horizon.

En route they stumble across a tent, in which lies the dessicated body of Athraz, a questing paladin of the Great Gold Wyrm. Searching his possessions they find his diary, in which he speaks of being mortally wounded by a mysterious guardian in one of the high elf towers, which was defending the 'pit of bones'. Mystery surrounds why the elves abandoned their coastal fortresses in the 12th Age, and even Amras, beloved diplomat of the court of the Elf Queen, is in the dark.

Approaching the first of the towers, the most westerly, our heroes dismount and scout the tower from the safety of nearby woodland. Eventually Sartheen is persuaded to scout closer and comes under attack in the open from a statue near the entrance of the tower, which seeks to kill him with an energy beam. Taking cover again, he and his comrades approach the tower from an oblique angle and gain entry by using the faster party members to draw fire while the others charge into the tower as the statue recharges.

The first tower is in disrepair. The guardian statue is destroyed by Amras and the adventurers explore the interior. Neon, the war forged sorceror, feels there is something wrong, something missing. A stairway is discovered leading down to an underground harbour, where the heroes encounter some sahuagin who have taken over the caverns as their lair. They claim it as their territory and profess no knowledge of a guardian or the artefact Athraz was seeking. The party retreat to the surface and resume their journey eastwards to the next tower.

This building has been cut off from the mainland by erosion, and now a sea girt chasm blocks access. Sartheen uses a rope and grapple to get most of the party across. Amras uses a mage hand ritual to float Neon across, as there are fears he may plunge into the sea. The ritual is miscast, and Neon ends up floating over the ground when he reaches the other side.


The guardian statues have been destroyed. The party explores the ruined tower and finds a room full of the bones of ancient dragonborn warriors. They are attacked by a banshee but manage to defeat it. Sartheen finds a helm made out of a dragonborn skull. He puts it on his head and finds himself in a pillared temple with views over a city, which looks like Drakkenhall. A dragonborn priest in a robe becomes aware of him and engages him in conversation. Sartheen is deliberately evasive when questioned as to his location, and eventually claims to be at an inn in Concord. He then takes the helm off.

The party leave the tower and proceed east to its next cousin. Here the presence of more guardian statues encourages them to attach a rope to Neon, still floating, and use him to climb up the side of the tower. He is surprised by three banshees that come through the wall of the tower and attack the party. Both Neon and Amras use their destructive powers to great effect in stopping the banshee, but the effort leaves them exhausted.

Following this battle, the party decides to camp before returning to the tower.

NB - Apologies if I have left anything out. This was three weeks ago, so happy to be corrected.

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  1. I think that the party always bump into mythical creatures and guardians , and come out alive.