Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Painting program for 2014

One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to get some painting of miniatures done. My plan is to paint a couple of units and between two and four characters or monsters every month. I have a HUGE pile of unpainted lead and plastic stored away, plus some second hand miniatures that will probably require some extra work to bring them up to my minimum required standards.

Various projects have been acquired and then left either half painted or still in their boxes. Hence, I am determined that some of these should see the light of day in 2014. Like with yoga, I feel it is a question of getting into the routine of doing something, making room for it in your day-to-day, which will eventually help you to make progress with it. I am also hoping that this focus will mean that I won't buy any new figures until I really, really need them. Indeed, I'm optimistic that I won't buy much in the way of board games, RPGs, computer games or miniatures this year, partly because I don't need them, and partly because I've simply not got the room!

On to the proposed projects then:


Zulus and British for my Anglo Zulu War collection, just those metal figures already primed and based, plus the last of my Wargames Factory Zulus. Build and paint a plastic Boer cabin. Fix African bungalow model and finish painting it.


Archers for The Sword in Africa. Askari characters and some European civilians. Build MDF wagons for Zulu War.


German infantry (figures already part-painted) for WW2 project. Paint my German Marder self-propelled gun (this could be interesting as I've not painted an armoured vehicle before). Lord of the Rings Barrow Wights.


Build and paint Soviet anti-tank guns and crews. Viet Cong infantry. Tom Bombadil, Goldberry and Strider!


US Vietnam War Marines. More jungle bases. Barrows and stone circle for Middle-earth.


Vietnam M113 APCs (x2). Mounted Nazgul and Gandalf the Grey. Try my hand at building my own Amon Sul model (could be tricky).


Boromir and LOTR Fellowship hobbits. Moria Goblins and leader get a face lift.


A deep summer month, so expect less painting to be going on. I might use this as a catch up month on anything that is overrunning. I may paint a Cave Troll.


Back into the swing of it, this time with the Chamber of Mazarbul for LOTR. Start on my Sikh Wars project with some Indian irregular infantry.


Indian irregular cavalry. British officers for the Zulu War (basically lots of guys on horses this month).


A second go at the Indian infantry. British 7pdr gun for the Zulu War. Pack animals.


A whole regiment of Zulus, from scratch. Another Boer cabin. African bearers.

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