Friday, 22 June 2012

Factions for Empire of the Dead

I've now taken delivery of my shiny new copy of West Wind's Empires of the Dead, and as expected, I've probably got enough miniatures to muster three factions for the game, holding out the possibility of a very interesting three player game. But two will be enough for a modest campaign using these rules. I'm hoping they can replace Rippers as my system for larger Victorian steampunk/horror skirmish games.

I'm starting off here with the Lycaon faction, effectively the werewolf tribe. The faction has a budget of 150 shillings, working in a very similar fashion to Mordheim. The number of leaders/heroes cannot exceed 33% of the total force. Hence, a leader and a hero will require you to buy four other figures to go with them. Two heroes - e.g. two nosferatu consorts - and you will need another six figures. Some of the grunts can be expensive - e.g. nosferatu guardians at 20s each before weapons.


x1 Beast Lord (leader)  @ 35s

x1 Pack Master @ 30s

x3 Wolves @ 20s each (60s)

x1 Wolfskin (human ally) @10 (with sword and bow and smoke bomb = 23s)

Cash = 2s


x1 Graf (leader) @ 30s with Possessed Sword (+20s) = 53s

x1 Consort @ 26s

x3 Guardians @ 20s each (60s) - one with a knife (1), one with axe (3), and one with pole arm (4) = 68s.

Cash = 3s

Gentleman's Club (unaffiliated)

x1 President (leader) @ 20s (+ heavy pistol @) = 25s

x1 Vice President (hero) @20s (+ heat ray @15s) = 35s

x 4 Members @10s each (x1 with sword (3), x1 with volley pistol (6), x1 with shotgun (8), x1

Some early observations here: the exotic weapons, including most of the steam punk technology, is fairly expensive for starting factions (if you're restricting yourself to 150 shillings). The possessed sword for the Graf, for example, is 20s. Also, you have to keep an eye on the 1:3 hero to follower ratio. I'd have liked to go with a second Consort for the Nosferatu, but didn't have enough the take on the requisite six Guardians they'd need. The wolves seem quite expensive for what they are - we'll see how they turn out in combat.

I'm also looking at a fourth faction from the Holy Orders list, but that's on the drawing board at the moment. I may kick off the campaign with the above three factions and add another if needed, possibly with some additional cash.

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