Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rippers Playtest

Scenario Background

The village of Guntersdorf in Austria is threatened by the Cabal. The villagers know this, and have hidden themselves. A group of Wolf Men, supported by a pack of Wolves and some allied Inmates freed by the Cabal, enter the hamlet from the west. At the same time, the Rippers have arrived to rescue the villagers. They are led by three Wild Cards - the Monster Hunter Count Ernst von Hemming, the Priest Father Horatio Veneticus, and the Scholar, Professor Dragomir Pruzt of the University of Zagreb (Department of Folklore). With them are some Wolfen Jaegers and a small detachment of marines from the Austrian cruiser SS Mozartkugel.

Scenario special rules: each team deploys in a zone measuring 12" x 6", equidistant from each corner of their table edge. Houses in the deployment zone are empty. Each house in the village must be searched for villagers, who have the profiles of Innocents from the Rippers rules. There is a 1/3 chance a house will contain 1d3 villagers. Searching a house is a free action - if a unit/character can move into a house, it is considered searched. If it is occupied, Innocents will barricade it against the Cabal - a -4 Str roll to get access. There is a 1/6 chance villagers will have Wolvesbane with them. Rippers must escort villagers they rescure to the eastern table edge, the Cabal simply has to kill as many villagers as possible. The winner is the team which has killed/rescued the most villagers.

Special rule: Professor Pruzt has a Local Knowledge ability which lets him make two Search rolls in each building he enters.

Both teams moved into the village. The Wolf Men and Inmates had problems getting over a high wall (successful Agility rolls needed), while the Rippers made their way through the churchyard. Father Veneticus searched the church, but found no one hiding there.

The Cabal deployed entirely in the grounds of a house with high walls, delaying their attack somewhat.

The Inmates search a building in the southwest corner of the village, but nobody is home. The Wolf Men and Wolf Pack push deeper into the settlement (green activation counter signifies house is searched).

The Wolf Men find three villagers hiding in the cottage on the right. While two try to break in, another hides in the alleyway to maintain unit integrity, giving a fourth Wolf Man the opportunity to pounce on the Wolfen Jaegers, who are moving up the street towards them. The Wolf Men have Improved Frenzy, and the monster attacks the lead hunter, Aces, and kills him. The Wolfen Jaeger pass their morale check, as they are Brave (+2 to Spirit rolls). They respond with a volley from their rifles, including two Aces. The Wolf Man is gunned down.

In the background you can just see Count von Hemming leaving the churchyard.

The Wolfen Jaeger now move to attack the next Wolf Man, who is hiding in the alley between the cottages. Another well-placed volley from these deadly marksmen, and it is down and out. Another Wolf Man fails his Spirit roll and is distracted from trying to break into the cottage.

Here we have a better view of the three cowering villagers and the monsters of the Cabal try to break down their front door. "Heinrich! What are we going to do? Hilfe!"

In the centre of the village, the Wolves check out four cottages and find three villagers in one of them. While two try to break in, they spot Professor Pruzt sneaking past the end of the alley to check out the town hall. Two of them make a go of it. The Soldiers and von Hemming are holding their actions to cover Pruzt, but they fail their opposed Agility rolls, and the Wolves get their attacks in. Luckily they fluff their Fighting rolls, and two of the Soldiers then Ace with their volley (a risk as a '1' in this situation would hit the professor). Both Wolves are downed. Two more fail their Spirit rolls as a result, and are Shaken.

However, by this stage the Wolves break down the door to a cottage and attack the three villagers inside. The village doctor is killed. 1-0 to the Cabal.

Von Hemming now tries to get a bead on the Wolves still in the alley. He burns two team bennies trying to hit one, but fails. The target Wolf counter-attacks the count. Two Soldiers rush to help the Count, and the Wolf is Shaken in the fight.

Professor Pruzt searches the town hall. At first he finds nobody in its echoing corridors, but then he stumbles across two villagers on the roof - a Nun and an Innkeeper no less.

A shot showing the Soldiers coming to the aid of Count Hemming. Two more cover the alley.

Next time: Will the Rippers save the village? What has happened to the Inmates? And what exactly were the Nun and the Innkeeper doing on the roof of the town hall in the first place? Stay tuned - same time, same Ripper channel.

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  1. "Father Veniticus" eh?

    How does Savage Worlds play as a wargame? I've been intrigued by its ability to shift from rpg to wargame, but I've not wanted to hijack a Savage Eberron session to find out for myself.