Monday, 17 July 2017

The show must go on! (Eberron game report)

At the monastary of Onatar, Cyre/Karnath border region. A small team of Cyre spec ops has infiltrated a monastary, itself captured by Emerald Claw zealots fleeing persecution in Karnath. Their objective is to rescue a kidnapped heir of House Cannith, or failing that, kill him:

The team is comprised of -

  1. Sher Singha - a shifter warrior monk, exile from Xendrik
  2. Iron Nick - a monosyllabic warforged wizard
  3. Daniel d'Deneith - a swashbuckling bard, communer with swords
  4. Pin - a light-fingered gnome rapscallion, he has his uses
Pin the Gnome Mischief Maker
It was time for the show to begin. It was decided that Brother Bernard's wish would come true, and he would die as part of the entertainment for the Emerald Claw. Daniel and his new weapon had been having 'a little chat' - the sword apparently was created to slay the vampire, Count Van Halen, and can also detect his location. It can also detect if someone is evil - a test case, the dwarf that had been entertaining the Emerald Claw before we arrived, was most definitely evil.

The dwarf (I don't recall his name) was enlisted as part of the show: Pin began with a card trick, with the human guards trickling into the temple to watch. Daniel then enthralled the dwarf using his natural charisma, and the shifter covertly jabbed him with a sleeping dart to put him asleep, Daniel all the while convincing the audience this was all part of the act.

Pin was then able to go backstage, disguise himself as said dwarf, and quietly exit the church, seeking out the building where the House Cannith heir was being held. It was easy to get into the house using the key Pin knew was hidden outside the back door in a remarkable failure in Emerald Claw security. With all the guards watching the show, Louis Hendal d'Cannith was not being monitored very closely.

A product of privilege and decadence, Louis was not exactly a poster child for House Cannith, being somewhat of a playboy, fop, and all round mummy's boy. Sadly, the mission was to bring him back, dead or alive, and Pin was just too nice a gnome to kill him on the spot and dissolve him in a vat of acid, which was all he was good for, really (and was our last resort, should he not come quietly).

Leaving the house, Pin set off a firework, which was the signal for Iron Nick to activate his magic projector, creating a hologram of the next act, while the team exited the temple by the back door. Sadly, Bernard was sacrificed as part of the act; insane, traumatised, begging for death, he was not the best person to fall upon the mercies of a d'Deneith dragon-marked scion newly equipped with a bloodthirsty, intelligent magic blade. Poor Bernard.

"Aren't you a bit short for an Emerald Claw zealot?"

Disguised as Emerald Claw, Pin and Louis had scuttled over to the well in the centre of the monastary, and were trying to climb down the rope inside (Brother Bernard had told the party that there was an escape tunnel down there). Pin used his flying mechanical hand to draw the cover back over. But Louis didn't like the dark. Didn't like smelly wells much either. All his strident complaining and yelling attracted the attention of some of the skeleton warriors the Emerald Claw guards had left to watch their horses. Two came to investigate, removed the covering, and one obligingly threw a spear down the well, which went into Louis. More screaming. Blood. Gnome struggling with stricken d'Cannith while seeking the entrance to the tunnels under the monastary. In the dark. You get the picture.

The rest of the group now arrived; with more skeletons converging on the ruckus, it was decided that the best thing to do in the circumstances was to get down the well pretty damned quickly, ideally before Colonel Furnau and his men heard all the noise. Sher Singha showed everybody how it was done, running up and jumping into the well before the skeletons could react, grabbing the rope on his way down. Daniel followed but his acrobatic skills were sadly lacking, and he tripped, falling across the lip of the well, in an ideal place to be speared to death by skeletons.

Luckily for Daniel, the warforged Iron Nick was right behind him, and grabbing the d'Deneith heir by the scruff of the neck, he ran down the inside wall of the well with him. Even Sher Singha was quietly impressed with this feat.

By this stage, Pin had found the entrance to the tunnels, and we were off, into the dark. We knew the undead would be in pursuit soon, and the alarm would be raised in the monastary above. We just had to get out. There was some muted discussion about the lack of horses at this point. Someone produced a sun rod to light the way. Louis was moaning and babbling like an idiot, so we yanked the spear out and he obligingly fainted.

The exit from the tunnels was not far, but as the party emerged from underground, to the south, it looked as if a new sun was rising on the horizon. It was not time yet for dawn, and anyway, this was in the wrong place. A wall of flame and dust hundreds of feat high swept towards the monastary. It was the doom of Cyre; we were witnessing the beginning of the Day of Mourning...

Next time: ghosts, a new mission and the mysterious continent of Xendrik beckons

Played using the Cypher system from Monte Cook Games, in the Eberron campaign setting by Keith Baker.

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  1. Cheers Stuart. Always nice to read your and Kelvin's reports of our games. Really liking the narrative focused Cypher System. It ain't perfect but it's very decent. :)