Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Deadlands Noir At Dragonmeet

Just a quick post this week, as I'm insanely busy with work stuff. I will be attending Dragonmeet in London again this year, as I had much fun last year. It is at a new venue, the Novotel London West. Like Games Expo UK, I suspect it will continue to grow as interest in RPGs and board games increases.

I will be running Deadlands Noir in one of the afternoon slots with pre-gen characters adapted from the player characters that participated in my last campaign. For some bizarre reason, under the listings section, it declares I'll be using Fighting Fantasy Stellar Adventures - this is most definitely not the case, and I will be using Savage Worlds, which is what the game was written for.

I will be making efforts to rectify this error with the organizers at Dragonmeet. Hopefully!

A brief synopsis of the game for those remotely interested: The PCs are all members of a recently established New Orleans detective agency. The year is 1935. The cold war between the United and Confederate States has prevailed since the 1870s, despite both countries participating as allies in the Great War in Europe. A wealthy young widow has had her prize poodle Lucy stolen and wants it back. It doesn't sound like a challenging case, but the money is good and the detectives are keen to get themselves established within high society in the Big Easy...

Just remember - NOT using Fighting Fantasy!


  1. It was great fun! I look forward to finding out how the players get on.

  2. Indeed. I have contacted Dragonmeet on your behalf telling them of the error. There is a contact form here http://www.dragonmeet.co.uk/contact.html