Saturday, 6 September 2014

Painting project: Punic Wars armies for Impetus

So, I'm keen to start playing some Impetus in 28mm next year, and want to get at least 300 points of Romans and Carthaginians together to form armies. As such, I'm in the process of building army lists for Impetus.

The objective is to get these armies onto the table in April. This could be a tall order. However, I will be using this blog to track my progress as I go along, while running some smaller painting projects in parallel. It will also help to manage the process, keeping track of goals and painting/modelling issues.

So, here is how the armies break down for Impetus, using the army lists on page 46 of Impetus. These are preliminary only and may be juggled around a bit in the course of the project:

Roman Republic

Legion 1: 4 bases (one each of Hastati, Principes, Trairii and Velites) @94pts

Legion 2: 4 bases (one each of Hastati, Principes, Trairii and Velites) @94pts

2 bases of Roman medium horse @19pts each

4 bases of Italian allies @16pts each

1 base Balearic slingers @12pts

Total cost = 302pts, 15 bases


2 bases of Punic medium cavalry @23pts each (VBU 5 upgrade)

5 bases of Gaulish mercenaries @12pts each

3 bases of Numidian light cavalry @21pts each

2 bases of Libyan infantry @22pts each

2 bases of Libyan veterans @33pts each (the hard core)

2 bases of Numdian skirmishers @14pts each (VBU 3 upgrade)

Total cost: 296pts, 16 bases

Next: buying bases and itemising the miniatures already in the lead/plastic pile.

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