Monday, 10 March 2014

Playstation Games awaited in 2014

I spent a convivial evening chatting with my son yesterday about the sorts of games we'd especially like to see appearing on the Playstation in 2014. While we're not yet in the market for a PS4, some of the work already being done for it by software houses is impressive, to say the least. The two games below are due for release on the PS3 / PS4 in 2014, and both coincidentally deal with post-apocalyptic settings.

Mad Max

One of my big beefs has been the lack of a decent two player road warrior game on the platform. By this I mean a post-apocalyptic driver vs driver game with cars equipped with weapons and armour. I am thinking here of Car Wars as was (Steve Jackson Games), but adapted for the console market. Such a game should be able to support two player online teams, with one driving and the other manning weapons.

Avalanche Studios seems to be on the verge of releasing a game (projected April 2014) using the Mad Max IP, which looks intriguing, although we shall have to await the first reviews once it is finally released. This sounds as if it will be published for the PS3, which would be excellent. Whether it actually does a good job of road-based combat is another question. Early scenes do not reveal this. But it does seem to promise a much more open environment to adventure in, rather than linear plot development, which is all for the good.

 The Division

Sadly I don't play Shadowrun any more, but some of the great team-based dynamics of that game seem to be in the offing from The Division. This looks like an entirely new level in multi-platform, collaborative gaming in an urban environment. Okay, so there isn't any Awakened world here, but check out the drones and remote gun platforms in this trailer, and the superb delivery of vital stats and map overlays. The ability for players to work together in the environment is also very reminiscent of Shadowrun, and if they can participate using different platforms, even better.

Apparently the game is inspired by Operation Dark Winter (a simulated bio-weapons attack on Oklahoma City in June 2001). The Division seems to be using New York instead. It will apparently only be playable online.


  1. In previous generations, Sony has released a cheaper and slimmer model of their Playstations about a year after first release, so I'm not looking to upgrade to a PS4 until Christmas at the earliest.

    Even so, I've got a lot of games to finish first! Dragon Age is next, I think.

  2. If I upgrade to a PS it will have to be a conscious decision about where I am spending my gaming money.

    Just now I am still enjoying the X-Brick games.

    May rather buy a new desktop pc and play games on that.

    Reality is...a) I am broke b) I spend my cash on rpg. C) I don't have so much free time as I used to due to the pressures of work. MSC nearly over so maybe things will change! Certainly there are some gorgeous games out there :)

  3. Certainly these 2 games look good.... wish I had the time!