Friday, 7 February 2014

If you go down to the woods today...

Following on from our previous session, where our WFRP campaign finally arrived in Middenheim like the proverbial rock band on tour, we were tasked by Robertus von Oppenheim to travel into the gnarly woods surrounding Middenheim to retrieve the ingredients needed for a ritual at the Temple of Ulric in the city. This would require each member of the party to personally slay - and skin - a wolf, and secondly, we would need the horn of a minotaur.

IIRC - and it has been a while since this session was played - we tethered a goat to lure a pack of wolves into an ambush. The key to this fight was making sure that each member of the party killed a wolf. This included the academic we had in tow. Much hilarity followed with Magnar and Thorek blundering around in the woods tackling wolves with their bare hands as they tried to wrestle one to the ground, so that von Oppenheim could kill it himself. Rudiger, as the token human being in the party, saw very little of this, it being so dark.

With the wolves killed and skinned, we used a hireling (a ranger) to help us track a marauding posse of Chaos Beastmen that were attacking farms in the vicinity. They weren't making much effort to hide their trail. We managed to track them to a clearing containing a desecrated elven shrine, where the Beastmen were preparing a ritual. We noted, with interest, the large minotaur (with three eyes) chained to the shrine.

The attack on the Beastmen went relatively well. Again, IIRC, Thorek was badly wounded and blew his last Fate point to avoid being gutted. The minotaur's third eye, it turned out, could make heroes quail in fear if they failed WP checks, but unlike our earlier battle with the Rat Ogre in Averheim, our lads are now a little more experienced and less likely to be rooted to the spot in terror.

Rudiger found that the combination of a good rural concealment ability and a repeating crossbow could make life very hard for a Beastman shaman trying to bring his magic online. I think it was Magnar who dealt the death blow to the minotaur before it could break free of its chains. During the battle, more Beastmen emerged from the forest and attacked our rear, putting Aelric and Podo (our halfling surgeon) in a slightly tricky situation.

But we prevailed, and looking around a blood-spattered clearing, littered with the remains of dead and dying Beastmen, we realised that our little group of stalwarts was actually becoming quite proficient at the slaughter game. It was only a pity that we didn't seem to be making much money out of it. Rudiger, for one, noted that his funds since arriving in the area were becoming sadly depleted.

On our return to the city, we heard, and subsequently managed to track, a forest giant to his lair. We marked this with interest, as Thorek has sworn to slay a giant. However, our trollslayer was simply too badly wounded after the fight with the Beastmen to now tackle a giant. With reluctance we headed back to Middenheim, knowing we would once again face a toll to enter its hallowed precincts...

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