Sunday, 9 February 2014

Burning clappers (The Enemy Within)

I'm making an effort to catch up on our plot in our current weekly-ish WFRP game. We are using the Fantasy Flight campaign The Enemy Within, but converted for use with WFRP 2.0. Be warned - I have no idea how much of the plot is from the actual campaign supplement, and how much has been cooked up by our devious GM.

Returning to Middenheim after a successful hunting experience in the forests, we set about arranging for our ritual in the temple of Ulric. We were also approached by Olaf, a local rogue whom Rudiger had contacted for work when the party first arrived in the city. At the time, Rudiger had been looking for tombs to rob, but continued exposure to the obvious threat posed by Chaos has convinced him to turn his back on a life of crime and become a vampire hunter, as you do.

Olaf was proposing that the group got involved in a little witness intimidation. The party agreed to take on the job, but there were a number of dissenting voices, notably Magnar. Still, there was the pressing need to conduct a ritual first.

The ritual to purify the cursed Skaven bell clapper was an elaborate one, to say the least, but von Oppenheim seemed to know what he was doing, right up until the bit where he was consumed by the sacred fire of Ulric, much to our collective surprise. Still, it seems as if the clapper has been purified, if not destroyed. We are keeping it with us, just in case the Skaven make another attempt to steal it.

With the ritual over, we decided to leave Olaf hanging, and head towards Altdorf, the current plan being to hook up with Marcus Bauerfast and / or Luminary Mauer, who we hope will be in the imperial capital with the wounded emperor. En route, we stopped off at the giant lair in the woods.

Thorek was now fully restored to his habitual health and vigour and very keen to try his hand at giant killing. We managed to catch the giant we had tracked earlier, asleep in his cave, and proceeded to attack him. We weren't expecting his buddy to turn up. This was a testing battle in a cave under the forest, but we prevailed, thanks in part to Aelric's increasingly powerful magic, and to the fact that Magnar is clad head to toe in plate mail and is becoming increasingly more difficult to hurt.

Following the slaying of the giants, and Thorek's promotion to Giant Slayer, we pushed on towards Altdorf. En route we reached a bridge, guarded by a black knight, who confidently asserted "None shall pass!" Magnar challenged the knight to single combat. He proved a tough opponent, but, with some covert help from Aelric, he was bested, and his body disintegrated into black sludge. We decided he was an agent of Chaos.

From here we set off to Delberz to seek a boat to take us down river. While there, we heard tell of a series of mysterious murders plaguing the town...I get a little murky at this stage, as the events in Delberz were, I think, played out at the end of the evening, and I was fading after a long week, so you will need to check in with our GM's blog to get the download on our encounters there...

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