Thursday, 10 October 2013

Burning the world of Kortaq

This is a sample world I may / may not use as the basis for a small Burning Empires campaign. I've designed it using the World Burner on p.24 of Burning Empires. It may even be the site for a one-shot.

Kortaq is an Old Imperial Core World, part of the Kudus Theocracy. It has an Alien-Life-Supporting atmosphere, which is hostile to humans and Vaylen. There is also hostile fauna on Kortaq, and an indigenous life forms faction. The planet is Predominantly Land, although some of this is ice sheet or the glacial overlay of ancient seas. Accessible seas exist only in the equatorial zone.

Human habitation is in Artificially Created Environs, including reinforced bio-domes and underground complexes. There are also some orbital platforms. Kortaq has Low Index technology. It is ruled by a Military Dictatorship, led by a rogue Anvil Lord (i.e. a military junta). It is the last refuge of a military faction that failed in a rebellion against the Kudus Theocracy. Its presence is now merely tolerated, as the government's ability to project power outside the immediate system is virtually non-existent.

There are four important factions present on Kortaq:

Indigenous Life Forms - I'm going to work these up using the Alien Life Form Burner in another post.

Military Junta - The planetary government is propped up by a military junta. The junta also controls Kortaq's Anvil and Hammer forces.

Organised Crime - Not much to say about this yet. The criminal element is present and powerful.

Theocratic Institutions - the Mundus Humanitas is here in force. While not in charge, per se, their power is growing. I'm thinking here of the delicate relationship between the Buddhist clergy and the military junta in Burma in the 1990s.

Kortaq's Predominany Military is Levy. Attitude towards the Vaylen is Indifferent, largely because this is a Core World run by a junta with more interest in staying in power than anything else. The Primary Export / Industry is Raw Materials, likely minerals. It supports a big mining industry, largely state-controlled, although there is limited off-world participation. Kortaq maintains an Advanced Quarantine, although this has little to do with the Vaylen. Most imports are restricted, apart from specialist machinery including medical machinery/implements, food items, and clerics (bona fide members of the Mundus Humanitas).

The economy is Tightly Regulated, with a high stakes black market from which the Organised Crime faction obviously benefits. Immigrant Labour and Weaponry are prohibited outright. Marriage is code 3 restricted, Power Infrastructure and Medical Practice are code 2, and Psychology, Slavery and Military Manufacture are all code 1 restricted.

Additional native settings: Anvil, Hammer, Theocracy

Other notes: Administration, Finance and Bureaucracy skill obstacles are 4.

The scores on the doors...this looks like a world wide open to a Usurpation strategy, but a tough one to invade. Possibly an early stage infiltration followed up by a bid to control the junta.

Vaylen Disposition: Infiltration 27; Usurpation 33; Invasion 21

Human Disposition: Infiltration 23; Usurpation 22; Invasion 30

Next time - Figures of Note on Kortaq.

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  1. This reminds me a lot of the systems used in Stars Without Number, except a bit more granular perhaps.