Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Holy Order of St Agnes of Tours

The Holy Order of St Agnes of Tours are my play test faction of West Wind's Empires of the Dead game. This really uses existing figures from my collection which have featured for example in a previous game of Ganesha's Fear & Faith.

The game is very much a gang-based Victorian / steampunk / horror offering (similar in scale to Mordheim), which West Wind are hoping to expand with new factions using Kickstarter. I'm just keen to get a road test of it before I decide to sink any more money into figures, particularly as I'm pondering more investment into an Impetus Roman army at the moment.

The Holy of Order of St Agnes are based around the convent of St Agnes in Tours, whose militant nuns have waged war on the forces of evil and darkness since the 14th century (Joan or Arc is rumoured to have been a member).

The Order is still led by priests seconded from the Holy Inquisition, however, with the nuns making up the foot soldiers. This particular posse is configured for fighting vampires, as I'm planning on sending them up against Nosferatu. All members of this faction get a holy symbol for free, making them particularly potent against undead and demons.


Father Maurice Le Blanc (Deacon) - wooden stake, garlic grenade, holy relic (bible of St Agnes)

Father Absalom Green (Confessor) - wooden stake, garlic grenade, light pistol


Sister Esmeralda - wooden stake, bull's eye lantern

Sister Daphne - wooden stake, light pistol

Sister Margaret - the black sheep of the convent has returned to the fold with a wooden stake and a whip!

Matthew Trench, the Vicar of Dibley - Matthew is the cousin of Absalom Green (above) and has been roped into the gang for operations in the British Isles. He is armed with a wooden stake and a smoke bomb.

The list comes to 147 shillings total, with three shillings left over in ready cash.

A note on the whip, which is not in the rules. I've rated it as an entangling weapon with a range of 8". It can be used more than once per game, but can only entangle one enemy model at a time.

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