Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Enter the Nosferatu

So, here we have the evil Nosferatu, who will be facing off against the Holy Order of St Agnes of Tours in Empires of the Dead. Again, I've used the suggested $150 budget suggested in the rules. These are a bunch of interloping undead from Eastern Europe, on a quest for something in Britain, damn them! I've maintained the 1:3 ratio of heroes to mooks (I think they can have two heroes with four mooks, but as these guys have five thralls, I've added another hero as well.


Graf Felix (Graf) - Felix is the count of Castle Vraal in Bohemia. He never

Johannes (Consort) - Felix keeps Johannes around because he likes his boyish good looks. They met at a soiree hosted by Immanuel Kant in Prussia in 1804. Johannes is armed with a sabre.

Anatoly Vorishkin (Guardian) - Anatoly used to be an officer in the Tsar's army; now he watches the count's back. He has a heavy pistol. He likes vodka. Принесите его на!


No bat swarms, so I'm going with human followers, the count's retainers from his estate and surrounding villages (apart from Henrietta - see below).

Gustav - the count's gardener, he carries a spade (bludgeoning weapon, two handed). He is used to burying things out of sight.

Heinrich - a bruiser from the wrong side of the tracks, he is Gustav's son and carries a knife.

Rolf - a blacksmith, he looks after the count's horses and carries a big hammer (budgeoning weapon, two handed).

Kurt - he used to be a doctor in Leipzig before he got mixed up with the vampires; he carries a light pistol.

Henrietta van der Bulden - a bored socialite the vampires picked up in Amsterdam on their way over from Prussia; she is secretly in love with Johannes; she has a knife and knows how to use it.

Ready cash for tips, train tickets and tailors - $2.

Es ist Zeit zum feiern!

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