Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The great games sell off of 2013

So, a New Year and a time for new direction, new opportunities, a fresh look on life and all that jazz. On the gaming front, this means taking a long, hard look at the time I reasonably have available to game, and indeed the time available to others too. The number of board games on my shelves still in their cellophane wrap is decidedly depressing, and the pile of unpainted lead and plastic miniatures that faces me going into 2013 is also something to be concerned about.

Hence, resolution #1 is to institute a weekly eBay sale. I will, once a week, select an item to post on eBay from my gaming collection, something that I really doubt I will ever have the time to play with. This can be a tough one to predict: every time I've offloaded my Shadowrun books on eBay, I've ended up playing Shadowrun again. I'm still clinging onto my collection of Vampire: the Dark Ages texts in the hopes of running that game at some point. The key is to sell off those items you will never realistically play with again.

But looking back at 2012, I did not get an awful lot of time to paint figures or to play war games. I played a very, very limited amount on my Playstations. I played RPGs regularly on Friday evenings, but most of this was as a player and was either Pathfinder or Call of Cthulhu. The time has come, I feel, to get very realistic about what I'm likely to play and what I'm not, what I'm likely to GM and what I'm not.

Thus, from today, I will begin the great purge of my games cupboard, a process that will hopefully help me to rationalise my existing collection and potentially generate cash for future purchases. Part of this discipline will be making sure that something goes on eBay every week and I will be using this blog to keep readers up to date as to what exactly that is. All items will be made available to UK and European buyers only, sadly not to the USA. All will go on a 10 day listing.

Thus we come to this week's item.

Crusade For Empire (1999) is a supplement for Easy Eight's Battleground WW2 miniatures rules. While the original BG WW2 was written for platoon level engagements, Crusade goes beyond that, with what I would describe as company level scenarios set in North Africa. Crusade is also the UK/Italian supplement for the game system. Although British airborne units were covered in Red Devils in the Night,  Crusade deals with British Empire conventional forces, including the all-important armour hit location charts.

This item is the print version, in a US style A4 binder. It includes background on the campaigns in North Africa, special personalities, British and Italian weapons, tactics and armour rules, terrain rules for the desert (including random desert terrain generation) and scenarios for the conflict, from 'Swanning About' (Nezuet Ghirba, June 1940) to 'Fortress Cairo' (a hypothetical scenario assuming a German victory at El Alamein). There are also charts and templates for playing BGWW2 in 6mm scale, should you wish to use micro armour. I should also say that while Crusade is intended for use with BGWW2, the scenarios could be easily ported over to other rules systems, like Flames of War for instance.

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