Friday, 13 July 2012

Tyranid army list - 500 points

Well, luckily I've not sold off my WH40k stuff, because it seems Kelvin is potentially interested in getting back into 40K and has a small Eldar army in the making. I'm using this as an opportunity to get back to work on my somewhat dormant Tyranid project, which is now going to jostle for space on my painting table with the last few Zulus I'm painting for this month's Anglo Zulu War clash and my 6mm Carthaginians, which I'm painting for use with Impetus in the autumn.

The Carthaginians have been delayed by my brown primer running out, but a new can arrived from Warlord Games this morning, so it's off to the races again.

Kelvin and I are aiming for 500 point armies to start with. Consequently, I'm looking at the new Tyranid codex with a view to coming up with a reasonable number of Tyranids to paint over the summer.

So, here goes with the initial army list, which helps me to establish what I need to paint/assemble:


Tyranid Prime with Barbed Strangler and Scything Talons (90pts), accompanied by:

Tyranid Warriors (2) with Deathspitters (+10pts) and Scything Talons = 70pts


Genestealer Brood (11) = 154pts

Genestealer Brood (10) + a Genestealer Brood Lord (+46pts) = 186 pts

Total: 500pts

Only 500 points, but it gives me my HQ slot and both basic Troop slots for the army. Plus the Brood Lord can act as an additional synaptic creature once more weak-minded critters like the Termagants get added to the mix. From tiny acorns and all that...

NB: Kelvin has a kickstarter project on the go for an adventure he is writing for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. You can read more about it here. All support greatly appreciated, as there are 19 days left.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Stuart!

    This list terrifies me! Back when I last played 40K -- fifteen years ago! -- I never lost a battle, because my army was a genestealer cult. They've been toned down a bit since then, but still, twenty-one genestealers plus a broodlord?

    Oh dear.

  2. That said, your tyranid warriors don't look legal. A prime can't have a barbed strangler and warriors have a minimum unit size of three rather than the two you have here.

    Still frightening though. Why couldn't it be imperial guard?

  3. I can nominate one of the other warriors as the prime, if you like. Does not the prime count as one of the three warriors? I'm treating him as an upgraded warrior. In the previous codex the genestealer brood lord was allowed to be an HQ choice, but now he's a unit upgrade for the genestealer broods.

    1. Unlike the broodlord -- ye gods, the broodlord -- the prime isn't an upgrade to one of the warriors. As far as I can tell anyway.

      Not that it matters, as it will still result in eldar chunks!