Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mordheim Marienburg Mercenaries

My third warband for this campaign hoves into view, this time a team of human mercenaries from the bustling port of Marienburg. Human mercenaries seem to be the default warband for Mordheim. It also seems relatively easy to build a scratch team of freebooters from my existing collection. The miniatures concerned come from a mix of sources. As with the Undead and the Dwarves, this warband is divided up into Heroes and Henchmen.

One point to note about this warband from the off: due to the relative wealth of Marienburg as a city, the warband starts with 600 crowns, rather than the default 500.


Mercenary Captain (60) with Longbow (+15) and Sword (+10).

Champions (2 @ 35 each): one is armed with a 2-handed sword (a Norscan giant of foul disposition called Steiner Eriksen, he is rumoured to have once run with a notorious street gang called the Jolly Butchers), the other wears plate armour, and carries a Sword (+10), Heavy Armour (+50), a Helmet (+10) and a spare Axe (+5). Together they account for 160 crowns out of the total budget.


I like to work out the costs for my Heroes first for Mordheim, before going on to look at the Henchmen options. In this case, the Heroes have burned up 245 crowns out of a total budget of 600, leaving 355 for the Henchmen. Remember, in classic Mordheim you are restricted to 15 figures total.

Now for the cannon fodder...

Three Swordsmen @ 35 each. They are equipped with Swords (+30) and Bucklers (+15). Total: 150.

Four Marksmen @ 25 each. They carry Bows (+40). Total: 140.

None of the above Henchmen wear any armour, although the Swordsmen carry Bucklers. Still, it could go badly for these Marienburgers if they get into a toe-to-toe melee. Remaining budget is 65 crowns.

I add two Warriors armed with Halberds (again, no armour) for a total of 70 crowns, which brings this warband to 605 total cost, a smidgin over budget. As a last detail, I decide to drop the axe from one of the Champions, but give him a Shield instead. Hey presto! Simples.

Next: generating a 1st level Pathfinder cleric for Carrion Crown.

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